What Can Make A Novel To Gain Popularity?

Expressing the story with excitement and quality words can make a book reach the people quickly. Sometimes, the best novels may fail to gain the popularity. Following some shortcuts in writing a novel to publish it earlier would be one

Things To Learn From The Shakespeare’s Writing

Shakespeare is the popular English writer whose books will survive till the world exists. Only the physical appearance of a great man has disappeared from the earth, but his poetic words are still waving around the world. Nobody can give

Shakespeare’s Macbath: What It Is About?

According to me, there is no one in the world to compromise with the play writing of Shakespeare. After the period of William Shakespeare, many playwrights and poets had taken their chance to prove themselves. But, nobody can occupy the

Shakespeare Garden and Performances In Central Park

Central park is the well-know and culturally active parks of the United States. Many numbers of historic landmarks are there in this park. Every landmark will represent the some events that are very significant in the history. To honour such

Did Tragedies Of The William Shakespeare Is Nihilistic?

Usually, playwrights will write a story or a novel based on the one of the genres like comedies, love, history, romance and tragedies. But, William Shakespeare had a special talent of writing the playwright with varied genres. It has made

Shakespeare Is Still Alive In The Thoughts Of Every Artists

The world of drama is nothing without the William Shakespeare. He is a master in managing dialogues, actions and emotions. His words have a tendency to pull the innate acting talents of artists. Shakespeare is still living in the thought

Shakespear’s Presentation of Family Relationships In Hamlet

Hamlet is the famous heartbreak tale written by the well-known English play-wright William Shakespeare. The author has written a story with a focus on three families named as Polonius’s family, Fortinbras’s family and Hamlet’s family. Many dissimilarities and similarities are

What Shakespeare Can Teach Today’s Public Speakers?

Now we are at the era of modern technology. We have various electronic elements to transfer speech signals from one place to the other. Media, social media, internet are other sources that are available for public speakers to communicate messages.